Tips for great cycling experience for new female cyclists

Tips for great cycling experience for new female cyclists
2020-03-07 10:47:00 - 1002

Cycling is not only a favorite sport for men, but in recent years it has become a popular sport from elderly to the young and especially for women. This article from Asama offers some helpful tips for women to have an enjoyable and memorable cycling experience.

Strong connection between bicycles and women

Bicycles brings great benefits both in physical health and mental health to women. Regular cycling helps women better protect their skin, healthier skin is resistant to the effects of UV rays and is able to reduce the signs of premature aging. Doing exercises also creates an ideal condition for the body to optimize collagen production, which helps reduce the formation of wrinkles and fasten healing procedure.

People believes that doing housework is very leisurely. In fact, housework requires women to move many places such as going to the market, shopping for some essential items, taking children to and from school… Normally the distance is not too far. Travelling by motorbike can cause inconvenience for them due to its big size and complex control. Bicycles with compact size help to access even small alley, markets or easily move on the road whenever having traffic jams.   

Nowadays, modern women often do not have time for themselves because they are busy with work and taking care of their personal life. The integration of cycling into daily activities can save a family expense, save money on ineffective and time-consuming weight loss method. In addition, there is ample evidence that cycling is particularly good at preventing cancer, helping your cells to work better.  

How can women get the ideal cycling experience?


The addition of nutrients is incredibly important and necessary. Cycling requires a significant amount of calories. Your body will be tired when you are in hungry condition and your feet will not have enough strength to continue pedaling, which can lead to some unfortunate situations. Provide yourself with some snack before the trip: banana, chocolate, protein bar… Also, bring a water bottle with you to avoid dehydration while cycling.

Bike accessories

The right clothes will help you feel comfortable and enhance your experience on the trip. The specialized clothes have the function of absorbing sweat quickly, avoiding causing difficulties when moving. In addition, other accessories such as gloves, socks, and helmets are necessary for your safety. Bring a mobile phone with you if possible, identity card and some cash in case of bad situation.

Bike fit

Choosing a bike that physically fit your body brings comfort to you during the journey. The correct frame, saddle, handle bars… must be sure that it is in the right position for your body. In order to achieve that, choose Asama showrooms and stores. The counselor will help you to find the right companion for you in the upcoming trip.

Ride with others

Though riding alone is excited, having a companion make your trip more enjoyable. Riding with the guys help you to improve your fitness level more effectively; also brings a sense of security, not being lonely or not being worried about difficulties.

It all boils down to this. Women are always beautiful when they are themselves, confident, independent, passionate about their struggle and have a beautiful soul.

Happy Women’s day to all incredible women! Shine on…. Not just to day but everyday