Ride In Joy

2020-02-29 11:23:32 - 5275

The main function of handlebar is to help the rider steer the bicycle. That’s why the design of handlebar will affect the basic functions of bicycle a lot. In comparison with traditional bicycles, it is not difficult to recognize that this remarkable innovation of new Asama bicycles is the wider handlebar.

Most of people have already get familiar with riding the small handlebar, and everybody will wonder why we have to design the wider handlebar like that. Based on the posture of rider and effects of forces on the body, our technicians research the geometry of frame very carefully to bring the most comfortable feeling for our customers. The benefits of wider handlebar include: 

Decrease the forces which affect body of riders

With wider handlebar, the forces which affect the bicycle, handlebar will be spread more evenly on rider’s arms and shoulders, and restrict the injuries on the body.

When riding on tough and bumpy road, rider’s lung begins to be pressured. With the wider handlebar, your arms can be opened wider than you use the old ones, there is more space for your lung and forces affect the body will be limited. So, you will breathe much more easily, you restrict to lose your power.

Increase the balance, easy to control

The balance of bicycle is the most important thing of handlebar. It not only helps rider steer bicycle, but also maintains the control of bicycle on the bumpy road with many speeds. Even if you ride with slow speed, the width of handlebar also affects your balance.

To understand more, you can imagine that you stand on the bus, if you put your legs together, every movement of bus like turning left, turning right, riding on the bumpy road, it is easy to lose your balance. However, if you spread them a little bit, you can keep the balance better, then you will find out the space between your legs which you feel the best balance (usually the space between your legs is equal to the length of your shoulders or wider a little bit).

Let’s turn to the bicycle, when the force affects the frame, the rider will feel hard to keep the balance with narrow handlebar, every small movement of the arm will make the bicycle turn. But with that movement, on the bicycle having the wider handlebar, the bicycle can less turn and the rider can control it proactively.

Besides, the position of grips is wider, sufficient; your wrists, elbows and shoulders will create one “suspension joint”, which makes you feel more comfortable when you ride on the gravel and pothole street.

At Asama, city bike is not just the transport. We hope our bicycle would become your close companion, we try our best in every design, so that your every trip would be the comfortably joyous journey.