We upgraded our Solano on the components that matter the most to create our Expert level and offer the best ratio performance/price possible.

It's now declined in 2 versions: Expert T or Expert.

The Expert T is the flat bar, hybrid Road/Touring version of the Solano expert.

It has been specifically designed for those that want the efficiency of a road bike with the comfort of a touring bike.

The full set of components is made out of aluminum and has got the Shimano Altus 310 groupset with the STEF65 EZ fire plus system that combines brake and shifting lever for a tidy handlebar. The handlebar is completed with an Ergonomical grip.

The wheels due to their rotational mass are the key components on a road bike. Because we think it is the component that matter the most, the Solano expert is equipped with high-end superlight double wall mid height rims mounted on high quality Joytech hubs. Overall, the bike will impress by its very dynamic behavior.

With a lighter bike comes more speed. The air penetration has been enhanced using an Aero shaped aluminum fork.

Application : On Road


Frame material : 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Size : 700C - 48/52/55

Art No. : RB-SL2802T

RRP : 6.690.000 ₫

* Pictures are for reference only.
Some technical details are subject to change without notice


700C - 48/52/55




Asama SRD Compact 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Front fork

Easing Aero 5065, Aero Legs, 6061 Aluminum Alloy


VP Z104PE, Zerostack


Asama C302, 90mm (48-52)/ 105mm (55), Oversize, Alloy


Asama AL-118 Flat Bar, Oversize, 600mm, Alloy


135mm, Ergo Grip, TPR

Shift Levers

Shimano STEF65 EZ Fire Plus, 3x7-speed

Brake Levers

Shimano STEF65 EZ Fire Plus, 3x7-speed

Brake System

Promax C-Brake

Front Derailleur

Shimano Altus 313, 7-speed

Rear Derailleur

Shimano Altus 310, 7-speed


Pro Wheel 170mm, 3-speed 28/38/48T, Alloy


Shimano CS-HG200, 7-speed 12-28T, Steel


KMC Z-51


VP-320 Platform, Die Casting Alloy, Steel Axle

Front Hub

Joytech A171DSE, 28Hx100mm, Alloy + Quick Release

Rear Hub

Joytech F192TSE, 32Hx130mm, Alloy + Quick Release


RR600, 700C, Superlight, CNC, Double wall, FV, Alloy


Kenda Street, 700Cx25C


DDK-9009, Aero Forming


Asama, Alloy

Seatpost Clamp

Asama, Alloy



Designed for a commuting purpose. Riders for which comfort and simplicity are the most important criteria. Go to school, have a tour at the market, carry some friends to the park, that's few example of what these bikes are made for. You will find them mostly in the city bikes, trekking bikes and kid bikes categories. Normally designed for asphalt roads, smooth unpaved paths and trails.

AL6T6: The aluminum alloy used in our frame is top quality imported grade, used by the most famous international brands. The durability of the material highly relies on a good heat treatment process. We believe that our in house equipment and experience with T6 treatment guaranty the best frame strength.

HYDROTUBE: Weight reduction and Strength gain at the same time. It's possible thanks to this technology. After mechanical simulation, we can define accurately which area need to be reinforced and which area can be made lighter. Thanks to Hydrotube we can optimize our frames by forming the frame tubes as simulated, adjusting point by point tube thickness and shapes.

FW TECH: This complex welding technic gives a smooth aerodynamic feel similar with carbon products. It also increases the strength of the weld by filling all the small porosity and angles seen on a traditional weld seam.

2-1-1: A good bicycle needs to be comfortable and efficient. For that, the frame needs to be vertically compliant (filter shocks) but stiff laterally. By increasing the length of the 2 seat stays and welding them far apart from each other directly on the top tube, we improve the vertical flex while increasing the lateral rigidity.

INTERNAL ROUTING: The brakes and/or derailleur cables are routed internally in the frame. It makes for a cleaner, smoother look, protect the cables from external factors such as water or dirt and avoid to get tangled during transportation or off road riding. Better look and better shifting and braking on the long term.

OVERSIZE BB: The bottom bracket is where most of the pedaling forces are applied. By designing it oversize (73mm) we increase the bearing durability and power transfer to the bicycle.

SAFETY INSERT: The rear mesh hanger is designed separately from the frame. It acts as a fuse in case of accident protecting your frame integrity.