Ride In Joy

2022-09-06 13:30:45 - 20822


ASAMA bikes are divided in to 4 groups:


1. Relax



Designed for a commuting purpose. Riders for which comfort and simplicity are the most important criteria. Go to school, have a tour at the market, carry some friends to the park, that's few example of what these bikes are made for. You will find them mostly in the city bikes, trekking bikes and kid bikes categories. Normally designed for asphalt roads, smooth unpaved paths and trails.

2. Sport



Designed for daily/weekly exercise. These bikes are the best choices for someone that want a good pedaling bike without the compromises of a performance racing bikes. Swift, easy to ride, comfortable, they will suit even the most avid riders. Sport bikes are represented in Trekking bikes, MTB, Fixie and Road bikes categories.

3. Road Performance



Designed for riders that take their riding seriously. If you want to join a club, start long rides with the pack, high intensity training and get local KOM, these bikes are made for you. The position has been studied for performance. You will find them in the Road bike category.

4. MTB Performance



For the off-road riders that sweat up technical trails and fly down the mountains over rocks, gaps and roots. They are hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes able to bring you on the wildest trails and enter MTB racing. You will find bikes for cross-country, all-mountain and enduro application in the Full suspension and MTB category.






Technology symbol explanation:




AL6T6: The aluminum alloy used in our frame is top quality imported grade, used by the most famous international brands. The durability of the material highly relies on a good heat treatment process. We believe that our in house equipment and experience with T6 treatment guaranty the best frame strength.




HYDROTUBE: Weight reduction and Strength gain at the same time. It's possible thanks to this technology. After mechanical simulation, we can define accurately which area need to be reinforced and which area can be made lighter. Thanks to Hydrotube we can optimize our frames by forming the frame tubes as simulated, adjusting point by point tube thickness and shapes.




FW TECH: This complex welding technic gives a smooth aerodynamic feel similar with carbon products. It also increases the strength of the weld by filling all the small porosity and angles seen on a traditional weld seam.




2-1-1: A good bicycle needs to be comfortable and efficient. For that, the frame needs to be vertically compliant (filter shocks) but stiff laterally. By increasing the length of the 2 seat stays and welding them far apart from each other directly on the top tube, we improve the vertical flex while increasing the lateral rigidity.




INTERNAL ROUTING: The brakes and/or derailleur cables are routed internally in the frame. It makes for a cleaner, smoother look, protect the cables from external factors such as water or dirt and avoid to get tangled during transportation or off road riding. Better look and better shifting and braking on the long term.




TAPPER HEADSET: The headset is the most important part of a frame in matter of safety. This area withstands directly the rider weight and the shocks from the road. By making it tapper we increase the stiffness greatly. The headset bearing is widened accordingly which improve their durability as well.




OVERSIZE BB: The bottom bracket is where most of the pedaling forces are applied. By designing it oversize (73mm) we increase the bearing durability and power transfer to the bicycle.




OVERSIZE BB+: Oversize BB+ not only increases the width of the bottom bracket but also adjust the frame shapes around it to connect smoothly and obtain an optimum lateral stiffness. That's a design normally seen on carbon high end bikes only.




SAFETY INSERT: The rear mech hanger is designed separately from the frame. It acts as a fuse in case of accident protecting your frame integrity.




STAND READY: Our frames are designed with an integrated kickstand mount. Forget the clamps scratching the paint and bending your precious frame. Either you use the kickstand or not the mount is strong, tidy and compatible with most manufacturers.




E THRU: E thru uses a 12mm diameter rear wheel quick release system that go through the frame rear end. Using this oversize axle increases rigidity, accuracy on the rear wheel position and durability of the hub by allowing bigger bearing.




E THRU BOOST: E Thru boost uses the same 12mm diameter rear wheel quick release system going through the frame rear end. The difference is the wider hub spacing. Boost spacing is bigger which allows to increase the chain line, use bigger tires and make the wheel more rigid. It's particularly used on heavy duty MTB like our trails or all mountain bikes.




DROP READY: The frame is design with the internal routing necessary to fit a stealth type remote controlled dropper post. It allows to change the position of the saddle while riding. Lower it for descending, raise it for climbing by a push on your handlebar remote.




G-CONTROL: Strong of more than 15 years of experience in mountain bike racing, our designers have come with their own optimized bike geometry. By analyzing rider position and specially the rider center of gravity, our team has been able to define the best geometry for each type of usage. Either it is Relax, Sport or Performance. That's why you will feel immediately at ease on Asama bikes that follow this model. The general benefits are: More space on the bike, stable feel, predictable steering, nimble cornering and efficient climbing position. In short, it's more fun.




3 STAGES: This is Asama suspension platform concept. We believe that the 4 bar system is the ideal platform for a reliable, easy to tune suspension.

Our engineers defined that a suspension system must fulfill 3 different criteria:

- Small shocks filtering

- Stable pedaling platform/mid stroke support

- Safe, well controlled big shock damping.

Based on that observation they calculated what would be the ideal pivot locations to obtain a suspension system that answers all these requirements. They obtained the 3 stage system. 

- Stage 1: 0-20% stroke - Regressive leverage ratio to improve sensitivity.

- Stage 2: 20-30% stroke - Linear leverage ratio with >120% anti-squat for good pedaling efficiency and mid stroke support

- Stage 3: 30% to 100% - The more you dig in the travel the more it is progressive to prevent bottoming out even using Coil shocks. Most riders won't need any token added in the air shocks which allow them to keep the full volume of air.