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Bikes need to be properly cleaned and lubricated which is very important for good performance. Referring to the lubrication of bikes, people will immediately think of the chain. Because of that, other moving parts are gradually forgotten. Not only the chain but other parts of the bike also need to be oiled. Lubrication protects moving parts from frictional wear, prevents them from rusting, and helps keep them smooth.

When it comes to bike maintenance, you often overlook or don't know which parts need oil. It's very easy, look for moving parts where metals collide. Use a lubricant specifically designed for bicycles. You oil just enough on each part after cleaning. Avoid applying oil too thin as it will quickly disappear. Otherwise, that is too thick and also makes the oil greasy and adds more dirt, which takes a long time to clean.

To make it easier for readers to recognize, let's focus on these parts of bikes with Asama.

The Bike Chain

The bicycle chain is the main moving part, so it is the first of the six moving parts that need to be lubricated. Especially when riding in a bad, dusty environment. You should pay more attention to the bicycle chain. Not only oil but also cleaning the chain before checking. This is to help keep the chain well oiled and remove old dirt.

Derailleur Assemblies

The derailleur has a front derailleur and a rear derailleur. They control to help the bike move back and forth between gears when you shift. These components that are not oiled will easily get stuck. Therefore, they need to be lubricated regularly for the gears to operate smoothly. You lubricate by turning the pedal and moving the gears so that you can see how the derailleur works and evenly lubricate the joints on the derailleur. You increase and discharge the derailleur to reveal the joints inside. In places where the derailleur is subject to movement and friction, you use lubricating oil. At the same time, you use your hands to increase and decrease the derailleur joints. The purpose is to let the oil seep into the inner joints. 

Brake And Gear Levers

Brake and gear shift levers are parts located on the bicycle handlebars. These sets are also very important. They act as levers to brakes the bike and change gears. Oiling prevents them from drying out or rusting. However, this part does not need to be lubricated too often. You just put a few drops of oil and use your hands to squeeze the lever to let the oil absorb evenly. Be sure to use a paper towel or dry cloth to wipe off any excess on the outside to prevent dirt from accumulating.

Brake And Derailleur Cables

Cables help you control brake action and assist you in shifting gears. If they are rusty or stuck due to a lack of lubrication, you will not be able to use the brakes or shift gears flexibly. This is very dangerous when you are riding on the road. These cables don't need too much oil, just a few drops are enough for them to work smoothly and quietly.

Disc Or Mechanical Brakes

Brakes are available front and rear on each bike. The brakes work at full capacity, especially when braking sharply. Over time, the brake joints wear out and the joints no longer work well. Therefore, you need to regularly check them to see if they are dry or hard. A bit of lubricant on moving joints helps them last longer. Be careful that the oil does not run down the brake pads. That will make the bike brakes unwieldy and quickly degrade.


The pedal is the part that most people often overlook the most. The pedal moves a lot. So they need to be lubricated to be smooth to get the most accurate cycling speed. The position of the connection between the shaft part requires a few drops of oil to increase flexibility and comfort. You focus on oiling the part that rotates around the main shaft and crank. Gently turn the pedal so that the oil is evenly absorbed.

Above are the moving parts of the bicycle that Asama synthesized. They need to be checked and lubricated periodically. Please clean the bike and dry it thoroughly before oiling so that the oil adheres well. In some cases when the bike goes into the rain or mud, it will do the same. This will prolong the life of the parts and be ready for the next trip. Spending a little time taking care of it will save you a lot of time and money on repairs. Asama Bikes always accompanies you on the long road ahead.