Ride In Joy

2019-10-22 14:12:10 - 9461

Kids really like riding bicycle. And parents absolutely understand that feeling deeply when you remembered your happy childhood for the first time to ride the bicycle. To kids, the bicycle is not only toy, but also their friendly companion to conquer the challenges together, practice the confidence, do exercise, learn how to get independent more and share the joy with their friends.

Unlike adults, they grow very fast. That’s why their bicycles also have a lot of sizes, which makes you confused to choose the bicycle for them. If it is too small, they will feel tight; but it is so big, it is quite hard for them to control, it is not comfortable and they easily lose their confidence to ride it. In fact, choosing the right bicycle for kids is not difficult at all. Let Asama Bikes show you the tricks to choose the most suitable bike for kids.

Choose the bicycle the kids love

When you choose the bicycle for kids, the most important thing is to make sure that kids love the bicycle’s shape and color first. Do not choose the bicycle which the kids are not interested at all. And also avoid thinking that your children will change their taste in a short time. The first impression actually has the big effect to the period time which they ride with it. 

Based on the hobby of kids, Asama Bikes has designed many models with various colorful shapes. Decal is sweet, cute, considered very carefully in order to bring the best interest for kids, and it also makes parents feel satisfied.

Which bike is for your kid’s first ride

3 years old is the most suitable age for kids to be ready to get familiar with bicycle. And if they just ride the bicycle for the first time, they still have a lot of choices.

The balance bike will help kids get familiar with the way to hold balance and control the handlebar. The advantage of Asama balance bike is very firm; the width of wheel is big to increase traction to easily control. The height of seat post and handlebar can be adjusted to make it suitable with them, so it can go with kids from 3 years old to 7 years old.

Choose the most suitable bike size

Kid bike size will be represented by the wheel size. Based on the height or the age of kids, you can check the picture below to make the reference:

Besides, for the sporty bicycle, parents should check carefully when they step through the top tube and stand, both feet should stand on the ground. And there is a space between the crotch and the top tube.

How to try the bicycle?

After choosing the right bicycle which kids love and the suitable size, you should let your kids try on the real bicycle at official dealers or stores of Asama to be sure. The salesperson will guide you how to adjust the height of seat post and handlebar of bike reasonably.

The height of the seat post can be adjusted to let the kid’s legs could touch the ground. It is not necessary for both feet. If just the toes can touch the ground, it would be fine.

When kids hold the handlebar, they should lean forward properly, avoid their shoulder and back to stretch so much.  At the same time, you have to check if the handlebar is easy to turn right, left and the brake works well.

Safety first

At Asama, every design is always considered the safety of kids first. To little kids, the bicycle is equipped with two training wheels for them to practice riding. When they know how to keep balance on two bicycle wheels, these wheels can be disassembled easily. On the other hand, the bike is also assembled the full chain cover to protect the kids.

The last but most important thing which is very important parents should remember. Let’s guide and get kids into the safety habit. Always WEAR THE HELMETS when they ride the bicycle!