Ride In Joy

2019-08-22 10:26:00 - 4189

Sporty activity will be one of the most powerful things to improve your family.  Biking together is not only a healthy and affordable way to get around with your kids, but an amazing opportunity for them to get to know their environment, and for you to spend quality time with the little ones. However, are you still looking for a convenient and safe position to have a perfect riding time? Hmm, just only get bikes and some foods, Asama will provide you wonderful routes.

Xuan Huong Lake – Da Lat

Xuan Huong Lake is situated in the center of Da Lat city with approximately 25 ha wide and with plenty of access points along the way. The trail is nicely paved and less dangerous, which is surrounded by the romantic scenery. Riding a bike gently passes through the cool wind. The surface of the lake is as smooth as a mirror reflecting the poetic view of Dalat with pine forests, meadows and gardens. Nothing more, this is an ideal choice for families looking for somewhere safe and open.

Binh Duong New City Park

A tortuous trail runs along the modern park, but still fresh air. So many people choose here as a site to exercise such as: walking and cycling. At there, it’s plenty of greenery and completely safe that can protect from cars, motorbike. The family can enjoy playing, picnic or relaxing on the green grass. While parents or adult talk with each other, kids ride a bike with their friends.

Nam Cat Tien National Forest – Dong Nai

This is a fantastic point for family who want more of an adventure. A road through the forest brings a wild and attractive feeing without being too strenuous. We ensure that parent makes a plan for this travel, which will give their baby a real skill effectively. Further, there are some plant and animal exhibits along the trail. Hence, you and your kids will commune with nature, which helps them to get information they may see on their ride. Especially, your family can enjoy a marvelous night inside the forest.

My Khe Beach – Da Nang

The long coastline and cool air make My Khe Beach – Da Nang worthy of notice in the list of great cities for bicycles. The windy road leads your family to a refreshing view with full of warm sunshine of the morning and the red sunset from the vast sea. Even better, your whole family can drop by the fresh seafood restaurants to enjoy the delicious food, rich flavors characteristic of foods from the Central Vietnam.

West Lake – Ha Noi

West Lake is the biggest natural lake in Ha Noi, also called "Green lung" of capital. A pathway circling the lake is surrounded by large green gardens, and a huge row of beautiful trees along the shore, which will make bikers satisfied during hot season. Besides, there are many ice tea shops where riders can rest after they are tired. Actually, you have to try to pedal slowly and deeply breathe to see and smell the lotus flower.

Now, your family just puts on a helmet and takes a ride on these bikeways to play as far as exercise. Asama knows that Viet Nam has many places to cycle, so stay tuned for the next article.