Ride In Joy

2019-08-23 08:46:00 - 8570

Few decades ago, the bicycle is only for the rudimentary transport of people; but now, the bicycle not only becomes the good friend of many people, but also makes our life much better and more interesting.

1. Free at last!

Anywhere you want to go to in any time, fast or slow, it’s up to you, everything in your hand. Besides controlling the plane, controlling the bicycle is the great way for you to enjoy the freedom feeling, the true “flying” feeling.

2. Travelling is the full ride.

If the travel agency introduces a 3-day journey to you, will you have 3 days to enjoy the whole journey? If there is the bicycle backpacker who tells me that he experiences all road we pass and enjoy the whole travel, I will believe that.

Travelling by bicycle, it means you save much time of waiting for bus, you can’t stop by places you feel interested. Travelling by bicycle, it means you will explore every corners of place you go to. How you know all enjoyable stores, try delicious foods of those places if you travel by tour. Travelling by bicycle, it means nothing can stop you if you want to visit any places to contemplate views on street. 

3. Good health, freshness.

Try making a small survey for the people who ride the bicycle regularly, kids, teenagers or the adults, and you will find out that all of them agree that riding bicycle bring them the good spirit, body has more muscles and feel much healthier. Riding bicycle is the efficient exercise which experts usually suggest to everyone.

4. Save your money

That’s true… gas fee, fixing fee, medical fee, if you plus all those fees, it is not small amount.

5. Get closer to the nature

Riding bicycle, you will have the time to contemplate the beauty of nature. Faster than walking a little bit, but it is slow enough for you to mix yourself with view of beach, bank, shining, chirp in the fringe of forest, the scent of yellow rice field in suburbs. Or if you love city, scent of coffee, scent of bread, the animation of market or the silence of midnight, you can enjoy all of them when riding the bicycle. As Ernest Hemingway said: “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”

6. Better living environment

Moving by bicycle helps to protect environment without noise, polluted air. Nothing can deny this point.

Besides, there is one more thing you can recognize, bicycle will bring the enjoyable life to you. The smiles from the acquaintances or the strange people, cute images of beautiful school girls on the street will make your life more beautiful and happier. That’s really the emotional living environment. 

7. The most important: Joy

Do we have to ask this question? Because surely you would be the person feeling all joys. The remarkable moments you will get you ride with your bicycle, with your family, with your kids in the picnics far from city, with your friends.

What are you waiting for? Let’s ride with ASAMA, Ride In Joy!