6 great ideas to renew the bike

6 great ideas to renew the bike
2019-10-28 09:03:26 - 1998

Bikes are both an entertainment source to help people enjoy life and a means of transport. It’s interesting when we renew the bike regardless of whether it is an entertainment source or mean of transport. Bikes refurbishment not only display but also make the bike to be unique and safe when traveling at night. Through your bike, you can show your personality, passion, and habits. Above all, the bike will look "brand-new" after the days of rain and sunshine. Let refer to the 6 great ideas of bikes decoration that make everyone "look at" you!

It would be great if we renew bikes with reflectors

Reflectors are not only used for decoration but also ensure safety when supporting you to observe easily while moving progress. Besides they help the bike become outstanding compared to around others. Reflectors have many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find them in supermarkets or specialized stores.

Let the bike is outstanding at night with flashing lights

The sparkling lights make your bike unique and easy-to-see at night. We will easily find them at parades or street events. However, flashing lights can also be dangerous, they can cause headaches and seizures in some people. Let be sure that you are not sensitive to flashing lights or other effects before using them.

Take advantage of LED lights to renew old bikes

LED string lights are one of the best bike decoration ideas. Most LEDs do not need external power. There are many colors and different lengths of lamps, so you can easily customize them to suit your bike. LEDs are available at most decorations selling stores or you can also order online.

You can put LED lights in the wheel's spokes or you can use a lanyard to put them along the frame of the bike. Besides, you can also tie them around the bike frame impressively.

Stickers help the bike to change its appearance perfectly

You can find different types of stickers designed specifically for bicycles. It is a great way to personalize the bike and show outstanding personalties. Stickers also have many different styles and colors. You should invest in quality stickers because ordinary stickers will quickly get damaged by dirt and moisture. To make sure your sticker will be placed as you like, let mark it with a pencil before applying.

Many skate stores and bicycles sell these stickers, but you can also find them through well-known suppliers such as Amazon and online bike-specialized stores.

Instead of putting a few stickers on the frame, create decorative steering wheel handles and handles and even spokes of the bike with stickers. If you don't like the color of the bike, you can cover the frame completely with overlapping stickers.

For example, if you are a fan of Hello Kitty and Simpsons, you can create a small scene with these characters. If you like Asama bikes, you can buy stickers which have Asama’s logo to use.

Paint bikes by seasons - why not?

Painting of frame bike is a simple way to renew and personalize bike to suit your interests or personalities. It also protects and prevents rust from the environment.

When you choose paint, let be sure that you choose quality paint without fading when facing with sun, rain or smoke, dust.

If your bike has a bell, paint it little light, such as neon or pink-orange Pepto-Bismol. This is a perfect choice for those who don't like bright colors but want a unique aesthetic for their bikes. You can even create and draw faces, animals or designs on bicycle bells.

In order to give more sophistication to a classic bike, you can paint white tires, create a dramatic effect for classic cars. Besides, you can paint the entire bike with reflective paint. Surely, everyone will have to look at you when you cycle through street at night with a bicycle-like "glowing".

Bike accessories is also a unique recondition

If your bike is used for transportation purposes, a lovely and useful basket is really necessary. Bike baskets have many materials from knitting, wood or plastic with many different sizes. You should choose a basket with the most suitable material and color for your bike.

Besides, color wheels, spokes, suspension, and steering wheel can all decorate your bike. You can even decorate each part of the bike as a different color to create a rainbow

With 6 suggestions to renew the bike, Asama hopes to inspire you to “renew” the look for your companion. Wish you success and be satisfied with the new look of your bike!