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2018-12-24 16:08:22 - 6476

Do you know how to recognize the genuine ASAMA e-bike with a glance?

Over many years, ASAMA e-bikes get trusted from many customers, the most remarkable reply of customer is our bikes are high-quality, durable and safety for the riders. However, recently, ASAMA has received many comments of customers about having a lot of fake e-bikes in the market. To support customers to avoid buying the fake e-bikes, we provide 3 marks for you to recognize the genuine ASAMA e-bike easily.

Mark 1:  There are always 3 stamps on our e-bike:

(1) Anti counterfeit Stamp of Ministry of Public Security*
(2) Product Information Stamp of Asama Yuh Jiun Int’l Vietnam Co., Ltd
(3) Production Date Stamp

Mark 2: Frame has the ASAMA letters which are stuck by advanced stamping technology, so ASAMA stamp is very nice without peeling off.

If you recognize the frame with ASAMA letters which is easy to peel off, they are not the ASAMA e-bike. ASAMA letters must be printed clearly and adequately. We don’t have the abbreviation of ASAMA or the change of letter order such as: asm, amasa, asa…

Mark 3: Two heads of fender are soaked in protective black painting.

Other fenders have the decal and stick the black plastic parts in two heads of fender, those e-bikes are not genuine.

With 3 marks above, everyone can easily distinguish between the genuine ASAMA e-bikes and the fake ones. Let’s remember these marks and share to everybody!